Audrey and Ip

Audrey and Pippin


In 1958, Audrey Hepburn was filming the movie “Green Mansions,” directed by then-husband Mel Ferrer, and she had a co-star of a small fawn named Pippin who was supposed to be a friend of her’s in the movie. The animal trainer on the set suggested that she take her on-screen sidekick home with her so that they would bond and the fawn would learn to follow her around. She took the fawn home and Pippin soon became part of the family. Audrey and Ferrer made a bed for Pipin out of an old bathtub. She called it “Ip” and he went everywhere with her. It shopped with her, took naps beside her, and followed her around all day. Audrey also had a small dog, a yorkshire terrier called Mr Famous and he and Pippin would play together. Audrey adopted the fawn and kept it for several months. (Whatever happened to “Ip” after that I have no idea. I cannot find any mention of  it after 1959. If anyone knows what became of the little fawn please leave a comment so everyone will know.)



Audrey, Pippin and Mr. Famous.


Bob Willoughby, a photographer who took many pictures of Audrey on sets of her movies and had become her friend, took many of the pictures of her and “Ip”. Remembers Willoughby: “When I visited Audrey, she had already had the deer for several weeks, and it had become part of the family…. Audrey took IP shopping in Beverly Hills, and what a sensation she created,” says Willoughby. “Beverly Hills habitues are fairly blase about what they see, but Audrey being followed around town by this lovely creature stopped everyone in their tracks…. It was truly amazing to see Audrey with that fawn.”


Audrey, Pippin, and Mr. Famous napping.


“While Audrey’s maid had been told about the little deer, she could not believe her eyes seeing Ip sleeping with Audrey so calmly,” recalled Willoughby. “She was shaking her head and just kept smiling.”


Audrey, Pippin, and Mr. Famous jogging.


Audrey and Pippin getting groceries in Beverly Hills – 1958


Audrey and Pippin shopping.
Audrey and Pippin



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