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Dorothy Comingore

Dorothy Comingore (August 24, 1913 – December 30, 1971) was an American film and stage actress, best known for her portrayal of Susan Alexander in Orson Welles’s critically acclaimed movie “Citizen Kane” (1941). From 1934 to 1940, Comingore was billed in her stage appearances as Kay Winters and then Linda Winters as a film actress. Comingore is credited with 27 roles in movies and on television from 1938 to 1952.

Dorothy Comingore


Dorothy Comingore

Dorothy Comingore was born Margaret Louise Comingore in Los Angeles, California. Comingore was discovered by Charles Chaplin when she was acting in a small playhouse. She played bit parts in Hollywood movies until Welles cast her in “Citizen Kane” (1941) as Susan, the fragile but fiery second wife of press tycoon Charles Foster Kane. Her performance is generally considered one of the best in the movie. Comingore appeared in the film version of the Eugene O’Neill play “The Hairy Ape” (1944) with William Bendix, Susan Hayward, and John Loder. Her last movie appearance was in a supporting role in “The Big Night” (1951) starring John Drew Barrymore. Her career ended in 1951, when she was caught up in the Hollywood blacklist. The following year Comingore was called to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee about her alleged Communist connections, where she declined to answer on constitutional grounds.

Dorothy Comingore in “Citizen Kane” (1941)

Dorothy Comingore was married to screenwriters Richard J. Collins from 1939-1945 and Theodore Strauss from 1945-1952. In 1958 she married John Crowe, who was not in the entertainment business, and remained married to him until her death in 1971.

Dorothy Comingore struggled with alcoholism during her later life, and died on December 30, 1971 from a pulmonary disease in Stonington, Connecticut, at the age of 58.

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