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“Every Night At Eight” – Alice Faye, George Raft, Patsy Kelly, Frances Langford

Every Night At Eight (1935)


“Every Night at Eight” is a 1935 American comedy musical film by Paramount Pictures starring George Raft, Alice Faye, Patsy Kelly, and Frances Langford. It was directed by Raoul Walsh and produced by Walter Wanger from a screenplay by C. Graham Baker, Bert Hanlon and Gene Towne based on the story ‘Three On a Mike’ by Stanley Garvey.
Dixie Foley (Alice Faye), Susan Moore (Frances Langford), and Daphne O’Connor (Patsy Kelly) are three humble factory workers who occasionally sing together for the fun of it. They have dreams of becoming famous and decide to ‘borrow’ their bosses dictaphone to make a record of their singing. They get caught and are fired. Out of work with no money and the rent due, the three friends decide to enter an amateur contest on a local radio station to try to win the $100 prize. The contest is won by a big band, but the band leader “Tops” Cardona (George Raft) is impressed by the girls harmonizing and hires them as singers for his band. They quickly rise to the top and get their own radio show, but problems arise when the girls tire of “Tops” strick rules and decide to go out on their own. Also complicating matters is Susan secretly falling in love with ‘Tops’.


Patsy Kelly, Alice Faye, Frances Langford, George Raft – “Every Night At Eight” (1935)


The plot is a little thin, but with all the musical numbers the movie is quite enjoyable. Alice Faye and Frances Langford get most of the solos, Patsy Kelly spouts wisecracks and also sings, and the cool and stylish George Raft gets to do a little dancing as he conducts the orchestra.

George Raft, Frances Langford – “Every Night At Eight” (1935)

Musical numbers include: “Take It Easy” (Alice Faye, Frances Langford and Patsy Kelly); “Speaking Confidentially” (Alice Faye); “I’m in the Mood for Love” (which becomes a big hit and standard for Frances Langford); “Every Night at Eight” (Alice Faye, Frances Langford and Patsy Kelly); “I Feel a Song Comin’ On” (production number – Alice Faye, Harry Barris, Chorus); “Then You’ve Never Been Blue” (Frances Langford).


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