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“Three Musketeers” (1948) – Gene Kelly, Lana Turner, June Allyson


Athos (Van Heflin): “To die among friends. Can a man ask more? Can the world offer less? Who wants to live ’till the last bottle is empty? It’s all-for one, d’Artagnan, and one for all.”


Three Musketeers (1948) Theatrical Poster


“Three Musketeers” (1948) is a star studded MGM adaptation of the classic novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. The cast reads like a who’s who of grade ‘A’ stars from that era: Lana Turner as Lady de Winter, Gene Kelly as d’Artagnan, June Allyson as Constance Bonacieux, Van Heflin as Athos, Angela Lansbury as Queen Anne, Frank Morgan as King Louis XIII, Vincent Price as Cardinal Richelieu, Keenan Wynn as Planchet, John Sutton as the Duke of Buckingham, Gig Young as Porthos, Robert Coote as Aramis, Reginald Owen as Treville, Ian Keith as Rochefort (Richelieu’s chief henchman), Patricia Medina as Kitty (Lady de Winter’s maid), and Richard Stapley as Albert.


Gene Kelly, in a non-singing non-dancing role, is very good as D’Artagnan, as he shows off his athletism with amazing action and swordplay sequences and even though he has many serious scenes, Kelly’s personality shows as he is able to bring humor into his role when needed. Lana Turner is also very good as the beautiful but cold and deadly Lady de Winter. In this version, Constance Bonacieux is the goddaughter of D’Artagan’s landlord and she is beautifully portrayed by June Allyson. Allyson’s and Turner’s scenes together towards the end of the movie are very suspenseful and tragic, and are among the movie’s best. Vincent Price is well cast as the strong Cardinal Richelieu and convincingly delivers one of the best lines in the movie as he whispers in the king’s ear, “I am the State your Majesty. I am France!” The acting by the rest of the cast is also well done!


Gig Young, Robert Coote, Gene Kelly, Van Heflin – Three Musketeers (1948)


Filmed in technicolor and directed by George Sidney, the movie is fast paced, with expert action scenes and great swordplay. Energetic, romantic, humorous, tragic, and suspenseful, this adaptation of “Three Musketeers” is one of the best ever done.


Lana Turner and June Allyson in “The Three Musketeers” (1948).

Lana Turner and Gene Kelly in “The Three Musketeers” (1948).

Lana Turner and Vincent Price – “The Three Musketeers” (1948).

Angela Lansbury, Van Heflin, Robert Coote, Gig Young – “Three Musketeers” (1948)


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Lana Turner — A Pictorial



Feb 8, 1921 – June 29, 1995

Lana Turner


“The thing about happiness is that it doesn’t help you to grow; only unhappiness does that. So I’m grateful that my bed of roses was made up equally of blossoms and thorns. I’ve had a privileged, creative, exciting life, and I think that the parts that were less joyous were preparing me, testing me, strengthening me.” — Lana Turner


Lana Turner


“All those years that my image on the screen was “sex goddess”-well that makes me laugh. Sex was never important to me. I’m sorry if that disappoints you, but it’s true. Romance, yes. Romance was very important. But I never liked being rushed into bed, and I never allowed it. I’d put it off as long as I could and I gave in only when I was in love, or thought I was. It was always the courtship, the cuddling, and the closeness that I cared about, never the act of sex itself-with some exceptions of course. I’m not masquerading as a prude , but I’ve always been portrayed as a sexy woman, and that’s wrong. Sensuous, yes. When I’m involved with someone I care for deeply, I can feel sensual. But that’s a private matter.” — Lana Turner


Ziegfeld Girl (1941) — Lana Turner


“It was all beauty and it was all talent, and if you had it they protected you.— Lana Turner on Hollywood


The Prodigal (1954) — Lana Turner


“I find men terribly exciting, and any girl who says she doesn’t is an anemic old maid, a streetwalker, or a saint.” — Lana Turner


Lana Turner

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