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15 Responses to “e-mail”

  1. Michael Gaedeke

    FYI, we’re starting an initiative to save Paulette Goddard’s home in southern Switzerland, and turn it into an Artist Residence and Living Museum in tribute of Paulette and her husband, writer Erich Maria Remarque (All Quiet on the Western Front)… you might be interested… 🙂

    Check our facebook page(s) and the main project website http://www.CasaMonteTabor.org

    Thanks for the wonderful profile page on Paulette!

  2. nooshin


  3. zeynab parishani

    i am interested about classic movies.

  4. Fredde11

    I love your site and enjoy the individual stories and high lites.
    I have to let you know that names attached to some of your photos
    are wrong.
    On of the stills of The Godless Girl names Tom Keene with Lisa Basquette, it is actually Eddie Quillan.
    On pictures of couples married a long time you have James Stewart with Julia Adams listed as his wife.
    Just saying…..

  5. Fredde11

    Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Jon Blair

    Enjoying a poke around your fascinating site. I couldn’t find anything on the very interesting and rather unjustly neglected Allene Roberts from THE RED HOUSE (1947), SIGN OF THE RAM (1948),
    UNION STATION (1950), THE HOODLUM (1951) and others from 1947 to 1955. She did a fine job in all her assignments, but somehow, only Delmer Daves ever used her abilities so memorably in THE RED HOUSE. Allene is still with us and was interviewed by Laura Wagner i FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE, #58, Fall 2009.

    Jon Blair

  7. Jacqui Graham

    Hey Art, fantastic site. A search bar on the home page would be handy.

  8. Art

    Hi Jacqui,
    Thank you!!
    Search bar upper right hand corner. Type in dark box below SEARCH and click on the blue bar….. The search bar is a little different with this theme. Thanks for visiting Cinema Gold and for commenting.

  9. Catherine

    Hello Art,
    I am curious about the Doris Day picture with the turkey(Tagged ‘Doris Day’« Older Entries
    Doris Day – Happy Thanksgiving!!Posted by Art on November 22nd, 2012) ; where does it come from? I’d really be interested to know.
    Best regards,

  10. Marilyn Miller

    Dad was always talked about a relative that was in the movies named Zaso. I’m always looking for items on her. Thanks.

  11. Denis

    Congratulations on a wonderful site with so many lovely pictures.

    A Louise Brooks fan,

    All the best,


  12. Art

    Hi Denis,
    Thank you for your kind words about Classic Cinema Gold and for visiting my site.
    Also love Louise Brooks. Pandora’s Box is not just one of my favorite silent movies, I rank it up there as one of my favorite movies from any age. A TRUE classic.

  13. Manny Pacheco

    Love your website. I thought I would share my book series info with you if you are interested in reading them.

    Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History


    Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History


    The books share Americana through the eyes of 37 character actors from Hollywood’s Golden Age, including Peter Lorre, Basil Rathbone, Majorie Main, Cesar Romero, Claude Rains, Frank Morgan, and Lionel Barrymore.

  14. duncan

    will you do a feature on Gloria Grahame ?

  15. Marcus

    OMG in responce to your statement about Sally Star “Little is known and/or has been published about her personal life or what she did after her last film in 1938”.. Do your homework and know about the joy she brought to thousands of children in the Philadelphia area during the 60s

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