“Unconquered” – Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard


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Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard – “Unconquered” (1947)

“Unconquered” (1947 – Paramount) is an adventure film produced and directed by the legendary Cecil B. DeMille and stars Gary Cooper, Paulette Goddard, Howard da Silva, and Boris Karlov. It is based on Neil Swanson’s “Unconquered”, a Novel of the Pontiac Conspiracy.

“Unconquered” (1947)

The story focuses on “Abby” Hale (Paulette Goddard), who is condemned to death by a British court, then offered clemency if she will become an indentured servant in America. She is bought and freed by militiaman Chris Holden (Gary Cooper). However, Martin Garth (Howard Da Silva), who is a supplier of illegal arms to the Indians, has other plans for Abby and manages to rebuy her. He takes Abby to the western frontier where she toils daily in a tavern as his servant. Chris rescues Abby and takes her in while Martin goads powerful Seneca Indian chief Guyasuta (Boris Karloff) to attack the colonists. Chris and Abby must contend with the warring Senecas, with Martin, and with their feelings for each other. They fight the wilderness surrounding them, escaping everything from Indian massacres and death-defying waterfalls to burning stakes and political ambush. Through it all DeMille manages to capture the determination of American colonists with his trademark air of spectacle and action-packed peril.

Paulette Goddard and Gary Cooper – “Unconquered” (1947)

“The King’s Law moves with the king’s muskets, and there are very few King’s muskets west of the alleghenies.” – Martin Garth

Paulette Goddard – “Unconquered” (1947)


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