Janet Chandler


Janet Chandler was a little known American Actress who had roles in several movies in the early 1930’s.


Janet Chandler

Janet Chandler was born Lillian Elizabeth Guenther on December 31, 1911 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. When Janet was a child the family moved to Los Angeles where she attended Harter School for Girls and Orton School for Girls (Years later, in 1952, she would earn a bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA). As a child actress, Chandler had an uncredited role in the Douglas Fairbanks movie “The Three Musketeers” (1921) and three years later had another uncredited role in “Inez of Hollywood” (1924). During her teen years she became a model and that lead to a brief Warner Brotherss contract. The sultry blonde eventually signed with Fox and was cast opposite George O’Brien in “The Golden West” (1932). Some of her later credits included “Cowboy Holiday” (1932), “House of Danger” (1934), “Cyclone of the Saddle” (1935) and “Now or Never” (1935). Chandler retired from acting in 1936 after a serious accident on a film set.

Janet Chandler

Janet Chandler married George Edward Barrett, an investment banker from New York, on October 21, 1935. They had three daughters together; Janet, Sarah and Adriane. The marriage ended in divorce.
On January 11, 1956 Chandler married Joseph A. Kramm. The marriage lasted four months as they divorced on April 4, 1956.

Janet Chandler as a child

Janet Chandler died of heart failure after suffering a stroke on March 16, 1994 at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

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