Veronica Lake – A Pictorial


“You could put all the talent I had into your left eye and still not suffer from impaired vision.” ~ Veronica Lake


Veronica Lake


“I think I’ve developed into an actress because I’ve worked darn hard at it and I’ve learned a great deal from a lot of gifted people. And if I have nothing else to show for my life, apart from a scrapbook full of cuttings, I have the knowledge that my early days in Hollywood weren’t in vain.” ~ Veronica Lake


Veronica Lake


“There’s no doubt I was a bit of a misfit in the Hollywood of the forties. The race for glamour left me far behind. I didn’t really want to keep up. I wanted my stardom without the usual trimmings. Because of this, I was branded a rebel at the very least. But I don’t regret that for a minute. My appetite was my own and I simply wouldn’t have it any other way.” ~ Veronica Lake


Veronica Lake in “Sullivan’s Travels” (1942)


“Hollywood gives a young girl the aura of one giant, self-contained orgy farm, its inhabitants dedicated to crawling into every pair of pants they can find.” ~ Veronica Lake


Veronica Lake from “This Gun For Hire” (1942)


“I wasn’t a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie.” ~ Veronica Lake


Veronica Lake in “So Proudly We Hail” (1943)


“Our romance was short but sweet. He was on the dawn of a brilliant film career, and I was in the twilight of one. Of course, my career could never compare with his.” ~ Veronica Lake on her romance with Marlon Brando.


Veronica Lake


“I will have one of the cleanest obits of any actress. I never did cheesecake like Ann Sheridan or Betty Grable. I just used my hair.” ~ Veronica Lake


Veronica Lake


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