5 Amazing facts about Luke Skywalker


Luke Skywalker is a famous actor known after his first film “star wars”. Before his fame, he was a farm boy.  He is known for using the lightsaber as his fictional weapon in the film. In the movie, Luke Skywalker is believed to poses two lightsabers.  Luke Skywalker becomes one of the galaxy’s popular Jedi. Many who watched the movie fascinating and enjoyable to watch. You can watch the movie using your smartphone or even a laptop. Luke skywalker lightsaber is the common weapon used in the movie.

Here is an overview of the amazing facts about Luke Skywalker

1. Luke skywalkers blue saber caused many deaths in the movie

The massive battles in Jedi in the attack of the clones and the phantom menace were mostly against droids. Luke’s father Anakin crafted the blue saber to help fight in the battle. He was able to conquer anyone who came on his way. He was able to chop off the head of count Dooku in the revenge of sith.

2. Luke’s sabers were designed for two diverse fighting styles.

In the movie Star wars, there are innumerable fighting styles. The styles are popularly known as forms. Both Luke’s sabers were designed for that fighting style. The sabers had two different colors and changed during the fighting styles. This was a symbolism of Luke’s growth in knight.

3. Luke Sky Walkers Sabers were used by many characters in the movie

In the movie, a saber was supposed to be a Jedi’s weapon. However, Luke’s two sabers were used by more than one character in the game of Sabbat. The well-known owners of Skywalker sabers are Anakin, Rey, and Luke. The Anakin’s sabers were passed on to Obi-Wan who later handled them to Luke after 19 years. We can also see Han Solo uses it to warm Luke from Hoth’s icy elements by cutting open the body of a fallen tauntaun. Kylo Ren takes the blade suggesting that he is the rightful owner of the saber in the Last Jedi. A gloating Snoke later snatches it from him.

4.  Vader came to know Luke was his son by identifying his lightsaber

Many viewers wondered at what point Vader will recognize that Luke is his son. Between the empire strikes back and the new hope, we can see both Vader and Luke having a small fight on the moon. Vader pulls Luke’s lightsaber where he notices it is the weapon he once owned. After that Luke elopes and Vader pays Boba Fett to help him gather more information about Luke. Boba Fett gathers enough information to confirm that Luke is Vader’s offspring.

5. The green saber still exists in the canon

According to the movie, Luke’s green saber still exists in the canon. The residents who lived near the island where Luke resided found it very safe and sound. Many viewers had imagined that the saber would be used by Rey in the rise of the skywalker.  This was not the case.

Final words

In conclusion, there are many facts about Luke Skywalker in the movie. The above article clearly illustrates some of the facts.

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