5 Qualities of a good melody


It is not an easy task to create a good melody. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a melody which is liked by everyone and is compatible with the lyrics. People even take professional music lessons to help them create melodies. Every melody is unique and has its own characteristics. However, it can also be derived from listening to a variety of songs, both old and new.

Below are some qualities that every good melody has.

  1. They have a proper design

A good melody is the one which binds the entire song together. When you listen to a song what makes you listen to it more and more is the quality of its melody. If a song has breaks in between and the rhythm doesn’t have a structure you are most likely to lose interest. Therefore, make sure that your melody is in line with the structure of the song.

  1. They have melodic leaps

Melodies move step by step along with having occasional melodic leaps. Leaps create melodic energy which increases the interest of the audience. Both, the step by step progression and leap together make a successful melody. There should be a balance between the two. Too much step by step progression makes the song predictable and boring for the audience.

  1. They go well with lyrics and chord progressions

If your melody is not compatible with the lyrics and the chord of the song it would not catch the audience’s interest. For example, emotional lyrics would have stronger impact if they are placed higher in the melody.

  1. Repetition is an important part of its design

When used well repetition offers a pleasing sense of predictability which makes the audience familiar with the pattern of the song. It is a crucial part of any successful melody. These repetitions in a melody are what help the listener to recall the song later. Mixing of new and repeated material binds the entire song together.

  1. They have a climactic moment

This is true especially for ballad melodies along with most others. A climactic moment contributes to a strong sense of structure and acts as a mountain top for the song. This climactic moment acts as a contour of a song melody.

These were the qualities of a good melody. All the above qualities are what lead to not only a successful melody, but also a good song. These melodies give structure and character to the song which speaks to the audience and communicate the message that the lyricist wants to send across. Generally, these qualities come instinctively to a good musician, while others need some help and training. Taking music lessons help you create melodies which have the above qualities. If you are able to create a good melody naturally then congratulations, but if you are stuck and need help then you should definitely look for a music lesson.

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