‘Anantham’ Unravels The Mysteries and Memories Hidden In A Home.


V Murali Raman’s Happy Unicorn is the production company of Anantham. The series is directed by V Priya, a former Mani Ratnam associate. She also contributed to the story, script, and dialogues. The eight-part series revolves around a house with many tales to tell. The house is depicted in the trailer as a living person that tells the lives of those who have lived there. Yuvan Shankar Raja, a musician, presented the teaser for Anantham. Prakash Raj stars as the lead in the eight-episode series, which also stars John Vijay, Sampath, and Ananth Nag.

Story & Plot

The story follows the lives of members of a family. Surprising and unexpected facts about the members emerge. Will the family be able to stay together despite the difficulties? That will be revealed later in the series, so get a zee5 subscription now to watch Anantham online once it is released on the platform.

Release Date

Anantham is an eight-episode family drama web series that revolves around a house, that has many stories to tell. The trailer depicts the house as a living entity that tells the stories of those who have lived there. All episodes of the series are slated to premiere on April 22 on the ZEE5 streaming platform.

Web Series Trailer

The trailer begins with Ananth, an estranged son, returning to his family house after a lengthy absence, where he learns about the families who had lived there after Ananth’s parents had gone.

“Reminiscing of Our Homes is Something Close To All Our Hearts,” said Malayalam actor Prithviraj Sukumaran in a tweet announcing the trailer.

Anantham Cast:

Below is the list of the star cast of the Tamil web series.

  1. Prakash Raj
  2. Sampath
  3. Aravinth Sunder
  4. Vivek Prasanna
  5. Vinod Kishan
  6. John Vijay
  7. Vivek Rajgopal
  8. Indraja
  9. Samyukta
  10.  Anjali Rao
  11.  Mirnaa Menon

Priya, along with Rakav Mirdath, Preetha Jayaraman, and Reema Ravichander, wrote the screenplay for Anantham. The project’s cinematography was handled by Bagath, and the music was composed by AS Ram. Surya Rajeevan and Sathish Suriya were in charge of the series’ production design and editing, respectively.

Where and When To Stream Anantham?

On April 22, 2022, Zee5 will premiere the series Anantham on its streaming platform. Only ZEE5 premium members can have direct access to all the episodes of the drama series. The trailer is already out on the web and has been well received by the audience. It will be interesting to see popular stars of the south film industry such as Prakash Raj, Sampath, Mirnaa Menon and other actors starring in the web series.

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