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Bad Movies – Why The Crowd Would Be To Blame


If you have been wondering if America continues to be getting stupider every day, question forget about. Just check out this area office recent results for a few days to determine what individuals are likely to see.

Films like Michael Clayton with no Country for Old Males are this is not on a list of flicks to determine following a lengthy day’s shopping in the local Wal-Mart. No, the underside-feeders of the society would much choose to spend their cash on a single dreck that which has infested our multiplexes for a while now. I am speaking about big-budget movies lacking of the storyline, but infused with sufficient CGI to try and result in the audience not care. Or the same kind of horror flicks and horror flick remakes that I am still waiting that people become ill of. And let us remember the reduced brow/bathroom humor comedies that will get dumber through the year.

It’s to the stage now where I do not seem like these studios even care one iota about creating a great film. Previously, some area of the studios (who have been then of movie enthusiasts and never conglomerates) wanted both a vital and financial success in the film they made a decision to make. Their souls wanted something they might indicate and are proud of. Regrettably, conglomerates do not have souls. Now it is simply about creating the cash, keeping a person’s job, and seeking to produce the right online marketing strategy to draw in exactly the same lemmings in to the next movie they create.

However this is not entirely the responsibility of the studio it is also the responsibility of the folks. How will you blame Hollywood when all they would like to do is create a buck? They create what individuals need to see. Therefore if individuals are turning up in record figures for that newest CGI love fest, then that is what we’ll all have more of the coming year.

I challenge the folks of the country to visit see smarter films. I challenge these to challenge themselves, to spread out their mind to seeing other films aside from the ones they have been marketed to any or all week around the TV in your own home. Visit a smaller sized film which stars your preferred actor, or purchase a ticket for an indie film which has an authentic storyline. It’s possible you’ll take more from these types of movies compared to marketing vehicles that Hollywood is anxiously selling you. But more to the point, you will be forcing Hollywood to create better films for people.

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