How to Establish Social Media Presence in 2020


We’ve seen technology mold our lives for the better through timeless innovation. Everything is only a single tap away. The hold technology has on our daily lives is incredible. It’s nothing short of a digital revolution. Have you noticed how manageable and convenient everyday tasks have become to handle thanks to mobile apps and tools? We have technology to thank for this, and one of the biggest innovative inventions of technology is social media.

The power of social media is boundless. Within seconds, we can connect with friends, family, and colleagues beyond borders. Social media has also allowed online businesses to start fresh! People who were once scared of taking risks now trust social media and its global consumer base to start their own business.

Most entrepreneurs start by signing up on Facebook or Instagram and start building their brand from there. The journey is different for everyone, but we’ve seen many trends and strategies work effectively for almost all startups and enterprises over the years.

How Social Media Helps Online Businesses?

Social media has a direct impact on every aspect of a business. From operations to communication, social media plays a significant role in making it all happen. Not only has social media made setting up an online business easier, but it actively acts as an opportunity catalyst for new businesses.

  • It doubles your reach by boosting interaction with customers worldwide. Every social platform caters to a specific audience, which allows you to reach different audiences from a single location.
  • Social media offers great exposure to ongoing trends, hype, fashion, and strategies all over the world.
  • It improves and prioritizes communication through features and social tools such as stories, posts, blogs, videos, and more. You can connect and communicate with people in various forms.
  • It helps entrepreneurs expand their network by suggesting them like-minded people and businesses on their feed.
  • Continuous marketing efforts improve the chances of your brand being internationally and locally recognized

Back in the day, before social media, the survival and success of brick and mortar stores depended significantly on visits and physical interactions of customers. Now, people can become entrepreneurs overnight by launching their business on a social platform. They are in complete control of the narrative in today’s time. The success of your brand depends on your efforts, marketing, product, service, and engagement. It no longer depends on who showed up and made a purchase from your outlet.

With just a single post, a single story, and a single video, you can reach people beyond borders.

Marketing strategies aren’t a size fits all. Every strategy depends on a number of factors. All you need to do is understand those factors, prioritize them the right way, map out the strategy, and implement it in phases.

Top 6 Ways to Establish Social Media Presence in Today’s Time!

Before we dive into the details, we must understand that every platform is built differently and has different features, despite having the same goal. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter all of them offer businesses different promotion tools and features. It’s up to you to make use of them and promote your business the right way.

One of the essential tools for your business is the internet. To stay in the loop, a stable internet connection is a must! Without a fast internet connection, you cannot connect with your audience and engage, which eventually leads to a huge drop in sales. The last thing you want as a new business is missing out on opportunities!

You surely need reliable, fast, and secure internet to help you achieve your daily goals. AT&T offers high internet speed and fast downloads at cut-throat prices. Check out AT&T home internet plans to know more. Whether you’re running a business or web browsing for your needs, relying on AT&T is the perfect way to stay connected 24/7.

To know how to create impactful marketing and establish a strong presence on social media, learn and practice the 5 tips listed down below!

  • Collaborate With Influencers!

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are a world of their own. Influencers and digital creators use these platforms to build a strong community with like-minded individuals. You can find so many influencers with a huge fan following and ask them to collaborate for a marketing pitch.

Influencer marketing is relatively easy and simple. You only need to find influencers who believe in the same goals as your brand does. The profile of the right influencer should look positive and impactful.

  • Use Aesthetic Visuals

Low-quality pictures aren’t attractive at all. If you want to build a loyal customer base, you must be ready to offer quality services. And one of them includes quality visuals. A tone-deaf aesthetic, contrasting colors, and low-quality images drive potential customers away faster than you can imagine.

Don’t stain your brand’s credibility with such mistakes. The layout, tone, and color palette of your feed is important to attract potential clients. It speaks volumes about the quality of your brand.

  • Content Creation

Content creation is key to building brand awareness. The audience sees, reads, watches or skims through the content you post on your feed. It determines the conversion rate of your business. It should be consistent and creative, all the while maintaining quality.

Content creation is a powerful strategy. If done right, it alone can double sales and generate higher revenue.

  • Use Advertisements

Promote your products, service, and content through paid ads on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook offers to run business ads at different rates. Every platform has different advertisement requirements. You can research paid advertisements and decide when to run yours.

  • Hold Giveaways and Contests

One of the fastest ways to grow your customer base is by holding contests and giveaways. Ask people to tag you in their stories, follow you, tag their friends on your posts, or repost your story on their feed to win something. Not only will your brand gain recognition, but you can engage with your audience better.

Final Words

Run ads, create valuable content, hold contests and giveaways, collaborate with influencers, and focus on aesthetic quality.  Following and practicing these 5 tips will help you build a strong and secure future for your brand.

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