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Secret Means Of Practicing Magic Methods


Most magicians will explain a good option to begin practicing your magic is before one. That is great but I love to go one stage further, once you feel somewhat comfortable while watching mirror then obtain the camcorder out and record yourself doing whatever magic trick you’re focusing on perfecting at that time. It’s also great to perform a little magic show while watching camera too. Now why this really is useful could it be really provides you with a look at all of your performance as well as your patter too. If you don’t understand what a magicians patter is I’ll explain.

A magicians patter may be the story they tell while they’re carrying out a trick. This is often an important a part of your speed and agility of magic for a lot of reasons and i’ll cover that inside a future article. OK to things i was saying about recording your speed and agility. We tend to be our very own best and worst critic, i mean , that we’ll see flaws within our own performance that others won’t see, because of the fact that we understand the key from the trick. We may believe that we might have uncovered the key from the trick where someone watching you the very first time won’t notice.

That can bring me to a different point about never repeating a trick for the similar audience, exactly like you notice more mistakes and flaws inside your magic performance while you watch yourself recorded, they’ll be searching more carefully the 2nd or third time through too and you’ll get caught. Like a magician you want to protect the key from the methods, and many reasons exist for that a lot that we will discuss another time.

Yes, it seems like lots of try to perfect a magic trick but if you don’t wish to look foolish then it’s worth the effort, and it also is fun to determine yourself perform on camera. Another essential note about practice, would be to practice the secret gradually mainly in the beginning. As the saying goes it’s not practice which makes perfect but perfect practicing to achieve perfection. Then accelerate slowly and gradually while you get ripped memory soon you’ll be performing the special moment trick very easily. This keeps you against getting into the habit of smoking of hurrying via a trick, since you are scared that they’ll catch you making your personal move which makes the secret work. That sort of motion just helps make the audience more suspicious. Most magicians have to slow lower just a little it can make for any much better affect in case your audience sees magic happen before their eyes in slow motion. Best of luck inside your practice.

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