The Advantages of Using a Construction Time Card App


For construction businesses, every minute of every day is essential to the completion of a job. That’s why the ability to track multiple aspects of costs and productivity accurately is as important as ever.  However, this can be challenging when you have multiple crews working across several different worksites. Luckily, there are many modern tools that can assist with this process.

A time and attendance app has several advantages that a construction company can use to improve their business, boost productivity and overall profits. Let’s take a look at some of the more significant benefits of using a time card app for your construction business.

Accurate Time Records

A time card app gives construction companies the ability to track employee time down to the minute. Accurate time tracking helps when trying to determine productivity on individual tasks. An employee or team may struggle with a particular job and take more time than was initially bid to complete a portion of a project.

Accurate time records can allow managers to see these issues and make real-time adjustments. Precise time records also ensure proper payments to employees for time worked. Accurate payments lessen the likelihood of disputes over pay or inaccurate payroll.

Monitor Overtime Costs

Labor costs are one of the most important things to keep under control for a construction business. Since these costs are built into the cost of every job, overtime is something that many construction businesses simply cannot afford. A time keeper app can help with this.

Not only can you monitor overtime costs by actively tracking employee hours in real-time, but you can also set warnings in place for workers that are close to overtime. You can then take action and send them home or bring in employees or crews that have hours left to finish a task. Overtime management can be the difference between overages and profits in terms of successful project completion.

Flexible Access

Managing multiple crews across multiple job sites is one of the most challenging tasks for a construction company. In most cases, managerial oversight is required of each individual crew to ensure that workers are on task and at the correct job site at the right time. Coordinating crews and making sure jobs are on track can make or break a particular job.

A timesheet management app allows employees to punch in remotely from any permitted device or location and even will enable managers to track productivity all in one place and in real-time. This lessens the need for managerial oversight and allows crews to work remotely so that projects stay on schedule effectively. This saves time, increases productivity, and reduces the likelihood of overages on jobs.

A time card app can even manage crews based on the project, location, or time worked so that everything stays organized and in one place. Not only is it easier for employees to access and stay on task, but it also allows the business to stay more flexible as well. It is easier to move crews around and supplement shortages if a task takes longer than it should. This fluidity can drastically improve the chances of job and business success.

Accurate Job Costing

Construction businesses live and breathe based on how they cost their jobs. A time card app keeps accurate data across all jobs for the entire time you are using it. This means that businesses can use that data to improve their job costing by better forecasting things such as time of completion, labor costs, and other expenses.

By analyzing previous data, businesses can see where shortages have come up and adjust to meet them adequately. In cases where a crew struggles, they can supplement their workforce or make changes. Accurate job costing allows the business to make more profit on jobs. Still, the ability to analyze past data through a team time tracking solution also enables the company to learn how and where to improve to increase productivity and profitability further.

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