The Ultimate Bucks Night Guide


Bachelor parties are an ancient tradition, coming from the Spartans. Nowadays, this has evolved into the Aussie staple: The Bucks Night. The tradition goes that you, as the groom’s best friend, take him out for a night of partying and fun before his wedding. 

But planning a Bucks night is a lot of work, you have to think of budgets, venues and entertainment, so follow these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.  

Remember The Groom

When planning a Bucks night, it’s easy to get carried away and forget that it’s the groom’s night. This is not ideal; you want to plan your party around the groom. Think about what his preference for activities will be. Does he like poker, does he feel like hiring strippers? Make sure you serve his favourite food and make sure any bar has his favourite cocktails. This will make the night far more fun, and make the groom feel appreciated too.  

Invite The Right People

It’s hard to plan Bucks nights without giving things away, but you should run the guest list past the groom, just to double-check that everyone he wants to invite will be there. More importantly, doing this will make sure that the people he doesn’t want to be there, won’t even hear about the event. This way, you can make sure your groom will have the perfect night, let loose and have a great night, guaranteed.  

Don’t Overdo It

This is another place to be restrained. You might be tempted to fill up every single minute of the Bucks night so there’s non-stop activity, but that’ll just exhaust everyone before you even get through the night. It’s smart to leave time between each activity, to let people rest, unwind and enjoy time to mingle, lounge around and grab another drink. The better you pace out the night, the longer people will have fun.  

Consider The Budget

Another vital thing to remember is that the Bucks Night is often a gift to the Groom from his friends, so you, the groomsmen and some guests may have to fund the party. Ask everyone what their budget limit is and stick to it. Then you can work out how much you can spend.  

Organise in Advance

Venues, catering, bar and even dinner spots all like to have plenty of notice before hosting parties, so make sure you’re organising well in advance. This also goes for sending out invites and hiring entertainment. The more organised you are, the better it will be.  

Hire Perth Strippers

Make sure it’s a night to remember by hiring the right entertainment. This means choosing a great striptease in Perth. Usually, when you hire great entertainment, it comes in a package and you can choose things like games, lap dances and waitressing to name a few.  

Raise a Toast

Remember that speeches and toasts make the night better, so don’t forget to raise a toast for the groom. Make sure everyone making a speech does it at the start of the night during meals, so you can avoid embarrassing speeches later on! It’s also wise to make sure someone is videoing the speeches so the Groom can remember them for years to come.  

Let Charlie’s Angels Handle it

When it comes to Buck’s parties in Perth, no one does it better than Charlie’s Angels. With their affordable packages, they offer a variety of entertainment just for Bucks Parties.  

So contact them now and get in early to book the Angels of your dreams!

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