Voice Acting and Entrepreneurship with Mark Hauser


Take a moment to look into the career and expertise of American-Canadian voice actor Mark William Hauser, and you’d likely find a few projects you are familiar with. Perfecting his craft since 1996, Hauser has developed into an entrepreneur and voice actor with his hands on several major projects.

Driven by his neutral accent and adaptable dialect work, Hauser found himself working with K.L. Benzakein Talent – a top talent agency in Montreal. Most recently, Hauser found himself starring in the Netflix Original Animated movie, SAHARA.

Now as much an entrepreneur as a revered voice actor, with an Actra Award Nomination on his mantle, Hauser is ready to give back to the audience that has helped him so much throughout his career.

Let’s explore the life, times, and motivation of veteran voice actor Mark Hauser while learning a few of the tips and tricks that have turned him into a successful entrepreneur.

Origin of an Ambition: Why Voice Acting?

To dedicate your life to something, you have to believe in it to a degree. For Mark Hauser, shifting into the world of voice acting was as simple as giving in to his desire to bring an audience onto a journey. Hauser said in an interview, “I have always been intrigued by how actors can take the audience on a journey into a different world.”

A creative talent at heart, Hauser would ply his trade beginning in 1996 with a series of voice-over roles. In the interim, Mark Hauser has seen himself share the stage and screen with such names as Michael Madsen, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Nathalie Zea, among many others.

Hauser concludes his decision to chase voice acting as a career by saying, “Capturing the essence of each character and bringing them to life, the audience becomes an integral part of that story. I have always wanted to play a role in that process.”

Success as an Entrepreneur

Life as a voice actor is busy, but that doesn’t mean there is no downtime to dispose of. For Mark Hauser, downtime is just another word for prep time. Hauser says, “Basically, what I do every day is driven by my acting commitments.”

When he isn’t being absorbed by his work in the studio or on set, Hauser is working diligently to research his upcoming performances. Hauser says, “I perform huge amounts of online research. If I need to get the feel of a specific work environment, I might spend some time at that company.”

Hauser treats his efforts in the acting field like he does any other aspect of his career. Preparation and execution are the keys to success and that is why Hauser ends every night by making a list of goals to accomplish the following day.

To inspire others, Hauser suggests that they get into the habit of making lists and rolling with the punches. Hauser says to his potential followers, “Things don’t always go according to the script and the original plan might somehow get derailed.”

Mark Hauser followed up by saying, “If you can get past your frustration, you might see a different opportunity that’s better than the first one.”

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