Why are Escape Rooms Good for Team Building?


Various organizations, firms, and other groups often encourage their employees to take part in escape rooms. This is because escape room games are capable of assisting people to work as a team. The game can come in handy to bring numerous team members together and, therefore, ensure team building.

Are you wondering how an escape room is good for team building? Consider the points below:

  • Escape rooms promote collaboration

Escape rooms are all assembling different individuals to collaborate to find solutions to leave the rooms. Team members in the game work to achieve a single goal.

As the game promotes collaboration, it will also play a key role in building a team.

  • Escape room games promote good communication

Great and successful teams are built on good communication. Teams need great communication skills to meet deadlines, keep track of coworkers’ tasks, convince clients of their competence, etc. Escape room games require players to communicate effectively to find clues to win the games. Therefore, an escape room can assist you and your team members to develop exceptional communication skills which will help your team to achieve its goals.

  • Escape rooms assist to identify natural leaders

Every amazing team needs an exceptional leader. However, it may be difficult to determine the natural leader among the team members in some instances. So, what can you do in such an instance? You can encourage the team members to play escape room games. The game will help you to identify natural leaders that are capable of leading a great team.

Additionally, escape room games can come in handy to offer team leaders the environment needed to improve their management and leadership skills.

  • Escape rooms determine the strengths of employees

Various team members have different strengths that can help to build a great team. But you may have a hard time identifying the specific strengths of each team member. However, when you put employees in an escape room, everyone will start using their skillsets to find a solution to the puzzles of the game. Resultantly, it will be easier to identify great communicators, auditory learners, problem solvers, visual learners, critical thinkers, doers, etc.

  • Escape rooms help team members to know each other better

Although working in the same environment can make people talk routinely, they may still not know each other well. However, if you change the environment and put them in escape rooms, it will push the people out of their comfort zone. Hence, they will communicate in a new dimension that doesn’t relate to work. This encourages everyone to show a part of their personality that is usually hidden at work. So, escape games can help people to know each other better.

  • Escape rooms enhance motivation

Job satisfaction is a key factor that can affect team building. Therefore, team leaders must work all around the clock to motivate team members and ensure their job satisfaction. Fortunately, you can motivate members and also make them happier by allowing them to play escape games. The games can also offer them a sense of achievement that can go a long way in making them more motivated to perform optimally.

So, if you want to build a great team, don’t hesitate to let the team members play the escape room games.

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