Why You Should Buy A Record Player


Music is one of the best ways to disconnect from the rest of the world and escape realities that are sometimes unpleasant or stressful—pretty much what 2020 has been for all of us!

In a world of digital everything, sometimes our soul needs a simple escape from it all and a way to disconnect from the online clutter. Music has always been a therapeutic outlet that has allowed so many people a chance to have an immersive experience. While online platforms are dominating the online music world at the moment, more and more people are craving classic music listening experiences, like through vinyl on a record player! There is a reason that vinyl stores are making the ultimate comeback right now!

Here are all the reasons why you should consider investing in a record player.

  1. It produces a beautiful sound

Music simply sounds better from a record player—it’s a fact! Record players are able to add a distinct sound to all music that allows listeners to truly become immersed with it. Record players truly do justice to the artist’s musical work and ensure that you can always revert to listening to the classic albums from the last century as well as the hits of the 21st century as well!

  1. It is the perfect interior design element

Bring some classic interior design to your living room and add a record player! Not only will it create a level of sophistication and elegance to your home, but it will give visitors the impression that you have extraordinary taste in music. Think about it—how cozy does it sound to be able to make yourself a warm cup of hot chocolate, kick back on your sofa and listen to the tunes from your record player—all with the fire crackling in the background. Sounds pretty divine if you ask us!

  1. It allows your household too put the devices down

Sometimes your family needs to disconnect to reconnect with one another. A record player does just that. It gets the kids off YouTube and their iPhone and instead focused on the music coming from your record player. Who knows, you guys could all even start a dance party from it! Record players are a great investment for ensuring quality family time away from any other device.

  1. It is the perfect party prop

Especially if you are doing a themed party, like Great Gatsby, a record player is an ultimate prop to get the party started! It will be like they are walking back in time to Great Gatsby’s mansion and able to dance the night away. Your friends will all love having the chance to paly DJ from your record collection as well. A  record player is sure to make you the hit of the party!

  1. It allows you to reconnect with classics

Let’s face it, The Beatles and Elvis just aren’t the same on your iPhone. Their music truly sounds best when you play it how it was designed—from a record player! This means you can dust off your teenage collection of records from the attic and make them an integral part of your living room again. A record player allows you to have some wonderful trips down memory lane!

Record players are an absolute must for all music lovers! With so many artists retreating back to this classic way of releasing their music, you will get to enjoy an immersive listening experience with artists from the past, present and future! It will make your house look cool, your parties a blast and your soul satisfied with an enchanting musical listening experience.

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