The Tradition Of K-Pop In The Modern World


There is hardly anyone in today’s world who has merged heard of K pop or Korean drama. Since the 90s, K pop has been slowly enrapturing audiences all around the world with their melodious tunes and synchronized dance performances. However, since the arrival of BTS, the numbers of kpop fans has increased by the millions. There dazzling smiles, handsome faces, perfect dance choreography, melodious voices have made it’s mark in the heart and mind of almost every youngster all around the world. Black pink , managed by YG company is following very closely after BTS in name, fame and recognition. Cheap K-Pop online albums are available in a variety of websites nowadays. People have understood how easy it is to find their favorite songs and music videos online thanks to platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music etc. It has actually become a dilemma for people to purchase the kpop albums. When you can get the music for free, why purchase the albums. Even with the Cape of merchandise, there are many fans who have their own shops and are selling the merchandise to the audience. However, this royalty is not being received by the Korean government or the band members.

K-Pop Online Stores are very much accessible to the audiences who are fascinated to the culture of changing music genre. K-Pop websites have gained huge levels of popularity in terms of gaining the attention of international audience. Kpop music and Korean dramas are something the youngsters of today can understand and identify with. Most of the dramas in kpop industry focuses on women empowerment, women above 30 who have not married and are pursuing their careers, the Cape of music has focused on bullying, the life of youngsters in Korea, peer pressure etc which is something that is prevalent all over the world. This is why audience love to watch Korean dramas and music videos. The website of K pop and Korean drama feature merchandise that the fans can purchase.The method of the online transaction is very simple and can be done via the use of a credit card. If the purchase is made on authentic k-pop websites, then a part of the revenue also goes to the Korean government and helps in the economic growth.

K-Pop CD is a kind of product that can be easily accessible by the buyers through online purchasing. The more number of people purchase K pop CDs, the higher the music rises in the billboards and the more profit South Korea receives from it. One thing we do not understand is that entertainment is a big revenue source for the country. Whether it is the album revenue, the revenue from the live concerts or the revenue from fan meet and greet, all of this revenue goes back to the country, in this case South Korea. South Korea has tremendously benefited from the worldwide success of bands like BTS and blackpink. These two bands as well as other kpop bands which have made their names in the billboard of US and UK have helped relieve the financial constraints on South Korea. Even during the pandemic, the money the country received from its international pop bands (online concerts, band merchandise and sonline meet and greet events) allowed them to stay afloat in the absence of the tourism option. Thus, the power of the entertainment industry should never be undermined.

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